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National Guard Family Readiness Program  

Client: National Guard Family Readiness Program
Services: Custom Programming, Web Site Maintenance, Hosting
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We engineered the solution for this site, creating the graphical design, password protected maintenance panel for ongoing updates, and installing software options. Client does day-to-day site maintenance and we provide Level 2 support..... More Info

Living Hope Fellowship  

Client: Living Hope Fellowship
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This site utilizes the JANDA content mangement system for daily web site updates. It features custom membership portals, dynamic calendar of events, and many other dynamic features..... More Info


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Web Site Promotion

So, you've got the best web site in the world. You spent thousands of dollars on it. You can buy, sell, trade and do everything except cook breakfast on it. it's going to make you millions!.......but, nobody knows about it.

Search Engine Marketing Program for Web Site Promotion

Our program is GUARANTEED to get you Top 10, Top 20 and Top 30 rankings for your web site with major search engines by optimizing your web site. If we can't get your web site ranked well, you don't pay.

Search Engine Overview

A search engine works much as a “global” yellow pages, allowing motivated buyers to locate and purchase services and products online. Superior ranking on one of the major search engines is the best way to bring quality traffic to your website. According to a recent survey, over 85% of Internet users rely on search engines to find websites and over 33% believe that the number one listed website is the brand leader. Search engine positioning is ranked as the #1 website promotion method used by e-commerce sites and the most cost-effective method of increasing online revenues.

Search Engine Marketing Program Overview

While Yahoo, AOL, Google and MSN are the main search engine properties, many search engines are finely networked with each other. It is for this reason that we target several of the top search engine properties.

Partial List of Top Search Engines we target for rankings:
7Search - About.com Sprinks - Ah-Ha - AllTheWeb (Fast) - AltaVista - AOL - AskJeeves - Epilot - Excite - FindWhat - Google - HotBot - ICQ Search - IWon - Jayde - Kanoodle - LookSmart - Lycos - MSN - Netscape - Open Directory - Overture - SearchFeed - Teoma - WiseNut - Xuppa - Yahoo! Web Sites - Yahoo! Web Pages.

These global search engines account for over 90% of all search engine requests. The list is constantly updated and revised to ensure that only quality, high-traffic search engines are targeted. Through premium search engine optimization, Meta Tag analysis and keyword strategy, top rankings are achieved.

Contact us for a custom proposal to get your web site promoted on the Internet search engines. Don't fall for the $49.95 package that will not only NOT get you results, but often gets your site 'banned' from major search engines. Contact Johnson & Associates, Inc. and do it right the first time.