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Johnsons.Net commonly works with resellers for web services.  A reseller may be an individual person, but is also commonly marketing agencies, print shops, tv/radio stations, newspapers, associations, computer retail stores, programmers or other entities who want to offer web publishing services to compliment existing services.


COMPANY:  Johnson & Associates, Inc./Johnsons.Net
Reseller: Person/entity reselling Johnsons.Net services
Customer: Person/entity purchasing Johnsons.Net services

Reseller Program Basics:  
OVERVIEW:  The following Reseller Plan definitions and duties form the the basis of this agreement.  Contact us for a copy of the entire reseller agreement for specific details.

    1. COMPANY shall take reasonable care to discover where a sales lead comes from and credit the appropriate reseller.  Each customer is assigned to a RESELLER and will receive commission on said customer for initial sales as well as on-going follow-up sales as long as client is assigned to RESELLER.
    2. COMPANY may, at its option, pay commissions on sales that extend beyond the base criteria set forth below.  This does not change the scope of this agreement, nor bind COMPANY to make ‘exceptions’ in every case.
    3. Unless a RESELLER has a valid agreement in place with COMPANY, no sales commissions are due.
    4. COMPANY shall manage projects and customers to the best of its ability with the intention of creating repeat customers and on-going business.
    1. Actively seek out and sign up customers on behalf of COMPANY
    2. Use approved order forms, pricing and sales material.
    3. Help manage customer relations on an on-going basis
    4. Help facilitate information gathering of required information from customer.  This might include collection of paperwork, logos, agreements, copy, photos, payment, and other materials as needed to help insure a smooth working relationship between COMPANY, RESELLER and customer.


RESELLER has the option of selling and collecting payment one of two ways:

  1. Retail Sales:  With retail pricing, COMPANY shall directly invoice CUSTOMERS.  CUSTOMERS shall pay COMPANY directly. 
  2. Wholesale Sales:  RESELLER may rebrand/reprice any of COMPANY products/services with their own pricing structure and directly collect monies from CUSTOMER.  In this wholesale scenario, COMPANY shall invoice RESELLER for products/services at cost minus RESELLER discount.
  • Unless otherwise indicated and agreed upon by both RESELLER and COMPANY, RESELLER shall be paid 25% of all gross sales, renewals, up-sales.
  • Unless otherwise agreed to, payment to be made in accordance with Johnson & Associates, Inc. regular accounting schedule.  Currently payments are sent out on the first business day after the 15th and the first business day after the last day of each month.
  • Payment shall be made by credit card payment, company check, Pay Pal account or other COMPANY approved payment method.
  • Commission payments shall not be made to RESELLER until payment of real monies have been received by COMPANY from customer(s).
  • There are no sales quotas to qualify for commission.
  • The following items shall not be paid commission on:

    1. Trade Deals:  Unless otherwise agreed upon, any project in which trade is part of the agreement shall not be paid a commission upon.  The portion of the sale that is considered a ‘trade’ shall not have commission paid on it.  For example: if a project gross sale was $10,000.00; of which $6.000.00 was for cash and $4,000.00 was trade of any kind, only the $6,000.00 would be considered eligible for commission.
    2. Money not collected:  No money that has not been actually collected shall be paid commission on.  When the money is actually collected, commission shall be paid in accordance with the commission schedule.
    3. Discounts/Late Fees/NSF Fees/Interest:  Discounts, late fees, non-sufficient funds fees, interest fees shall not be eligible for commission.
    4. Collection Accounts:  Any account sent to collection shall not be paid commission on.  If commission has been paid on the account, commission shall be revoked.
    5. Wholesale Purchase:  If RESELLER bills customer directly and purchases product/services from COMPANY at wholesale (cost minus 25% discount), only the discounted money which is received by COMPANY shall be eligible for bonus program

Bonus:  Resellers shall be paid an annual end-of-year bonus based upon performance.  The bonus levels may change from time to time at the option of COMPANY.  If such changes do occur, RESELLER shall be notified in writing in advance.  Bonus payments shall be determined by calculating real gross monies collected between January 1 and December 31st of the year.

The following items shall generally be considered as part of the bonus program:

  1. Hosting fees:  setup fees, migration fees, ongoing payments
  2. Web Site design, management
  3. Consulting
  4. Domain name management fees
  5. Other items as defined by COMPANY

Bonus Payments:  Bonuses will be calculated between January 1 and January 15 of the following year and shall be paid out on or before January 31st of the following year.  For example, sales for the 2007 sales year would be calculated after January 1, 2008 and paid out on or before January 31, 2008.

Sample Bonus Program:

Gross Receivables Collected                            Payout Amount

0-$10,000.00                                                     0% of gross receivables collected
$10,001-$25,000.00                                            2% of ALL receivables collected
$25,001.00-$50,000.00                                       4% of ALL receivables collected
$50,001.00-$100,000.00                                     6% of ALL receivables collected
$100,001.00+                                                    7% of ALL receivables collected