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Montana Health Care Association  

Services: Custom Programming
URL: Go To Website

This project consisted of creating a custom advocacy articles database to allow client to add/edit/delete articles into an online articles database. Articles are categorized according to multiple security rights levels based upon membership security rights..... More Info

Ridgway Coaching  

Client: Ridgway Coaching
Services: Web Design, graphic design, hosting
URL: Go To Website

We developed the graphical design for this site, the Dreamweaver template and dynamically send leads to client via forms converted to email..... More Info


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Reseller Virtual Hosting

Reseller web sites are hosted on commercial servers housed at the premier data center in the world (Rackspace.com).  All commercial servers run RAID and provide for daily incrental backups and weekly full backups. We utilize the Plesk control panel for reseller and client control panels. 





Monthly Fees1 $55.00 $100.00   $75.00 $125.00
Setup Fee $55.00 $100.00   $75.00 $125.00
Monthly Data Transfer2 10 GB/MO 10 GB/MO   10 GB/MO 10 GB/MO
Monthly Data Storage3 10 GB 10 GB   10 GB 10 GB
Number of domains you can host 10 20   10 20
POP3 Accounts5 Unlimited Unlimited   Unlimited Unlimited
E-Mail Forwarding Unlimited Unlimited   Unlimited Unlimited
Autoresponders Unlimited Unlimited   Unlimited Unlimited
Multiple Access Connections6 Y Y   Y Y
Unlimited Updates Via FTP Y Y   Y Y
Plesk Reseller Control Panel Y Y   Y Y
Plesk Control Panel for each Client Y Y   Y N
Detailed Web Usage Page by Client Y Y   Y Y
RAID Level (hardware) 1 1   1 1
SSL Secure Server Ability N N   Y Y
Secured Environment Y Y   Y Y
MySQL / PostgreSQL Database N N   Y Y
Managed Server Firewall
Managed Backups
(Daily incremental, Weekly full backups)
Dedicated Static IP
Upon Request
Upon Request
Upon Request
Upon Request
  1. All accounts have a one time setup fee of the same amount as one month hosting fee. Billing is quarterly via credit card unless otherwise specified.
  2. Additional data transfer is billed at $10 per 500 MB or fraction thereof per month. (This breaks down to .02/MB per month)
  3. Additional Disk Space is available at $5 per 10 additional MB per month.
  4. We will take care of registering new domain names or updating existing domain names and moving them to our registration and hosting services. Unless otherwise specified, you will be placed on our annual domain name renewal service for automatic renewal every year.
  5. The default POP3 account that is available at setup is the MASTER mailbox account.  Additional mailboxes can be requested or set up using the Administrative Console.
  6. We currently enjoy Fully Redundant T-3  Connections through Savvis & UUNet, and T-1 connections through  Goodnet, UUNet, & PSINet.
  7. Orders received prior to 1 PM MST will processed same day, after 1 will processed by noon the next business day.
  8. Website Billing changes that require that the website be moved to a different server will incur a $40 administration fee.
  9. Johnson & Associates, Inc. limits all liability to the monthly hosting fees paid by CLIENTS.  Johnson & Associates, Inc. is not liable for lost revenue as a result of server down-time, break-ins, hacking or other issues. By setting up a hosting account, you agree to this and all other terms of contract.